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Innovative Internet Service Fills a Growing Alarm Industry Need

KYI, Inc. out of Irvine, California, has announced the industry’s first and only internet data forwarding service designed just for the alarm industry.

Sold under the name, Keep Your IP, their offering is described as both a tool to help promote competition among central stations as well as an IP disaster recovery support service.
Today, pretty much every industry has moved its processing to the internet. So it was simply a matter of time before the alarm industry had to move there too. Internet based alarm systems are expected to be the next growth burst of the industry for years to come. These feature rich systems no longer rely on the old 800 dial-up “thru the phone line” telecommunications method and instead send their alert signals through an Internet Protocol (IP) connection reaching the central stations site immediately either by wires or wirelessly via cellular data.
Just like toll-free number portability made it possible for alarm dealers with telco based panels to quickly change central station providers, Keep Your IP has made it possible for dealers that have switched to the new IP based panels to do the same. Whether the change is due to a smart business decision or as critical as needing to resolve a monitoring station disaster recovery situation, Keep Your IP’s secure forwarding service makes it happen quickly and effortlessly. It can drastically reduce the time and effort needed to send out personnel to make these changes at a customer’s site.

Davin Roos, the enterprising president of KYI, Inc. says “Think of it as number portability for IP based alarm panels”.
By providing the alarm professional with their own secure IPV4 numbered address, Keep Your IP gives them the peace of mind they get with knowing that as their business grows and merges into the new internet IP based world, they will be able to direct that growth as they desire.
Alarm dealers can start controlling their internet destiny by simply going online and ordering their own unique private IP address. For double redundancy on alarm panels offering Primary and Secondary failover features, Keep Your IP offers dealers a DUAL IP SERVICE where each IP address is carried and hosted on totally separate facilities on each side of the continental U.S.
Then as dealers put out new IP based systems or as they visit existing systems that have internet signaling connectivity, they simply program their unique IP address into each one. When an alarm signal is sent, it will first be routed through the KYI servers which will then instantly forward the signal to the IP address of the central station configured on their KYI account. All this happens within milliseconds.
Now, in the future, if there is ever a central station issue and there is a need to reroute alerts to a new location, the alarm dealer simply logs in to their account and enters the new IP address forwarding information.

For more information please contact:

KYI, Inc.
14 Goodyear, STE 125
Irvine, CA 92618
(866) 444-7007 Toll Free

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