What is Trivok ?

Trivok was born on 2011 with the aim of becoming not only the largest directory of companies in USA but also a precise business ranking, rigorous and reliable system that helps its users every day to find the best company, place, product or service they need. At the same time, we intend to be a free promotion tool to any business willing to compete fairly in an environment where large, medium and small companies will be treated equally from the beginning.

Trivok will track the quality and popularity of your company and will reward you every day improving your position and increasing your visits. The whole network is directly or indirectly involved in rating your business through search engine visibility, appearance in official guides, forum topics, social networks recommendations, etc..As every Trivok user, either customer or company, has influence with his actions (visits, votes, content, recommendations...) to make up the largest and most reliable real-time ranking of companies in USA.

Trivok Level

With this aim we have created the concept Trivok Level. An exclusive rating tool designed by Trivok that seeks, tracks, records, measures, calculates and assigns positions based on an algorithm that values, among other things, the following:

Participation level

Participation level of companies and users

  • Content quality
  • Votes received (positive or negative)
  • Fans linked
  • Age on Trivok
  • Recommendations submitted
  • Visits

Visibility of your company

Positioning and popularity of your company on Internet

  • PageRank
  • Google Sites
  • Alexa Rank
  • Links In
  • Web positioning and visibility in search engines

Specific details

Company specific details

  • Guides
  • Stars, forks, accreditations, certificates, ...
  • Votes in other websites